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Wind Energy in Pakistan

Wind energy is another important area where Pakistan can benefit by exploiting it in efficient manner. This sector is getting worldwide attention with the development and availability of inexpensive technology that allows its easy conversion to useful energy. Recognizing the vast potential that wind energy offers, a number of initiatives in Public and private sector have been taken. Pakistan has 1000 Km long coastline, which could be utilized for installation of wind farms. There are regions in the mountainous areas of Pakistan, which has the potential for wind energy generation.

The Wind Map of Pakistan developed by National Renewable Energy Labs (USA) has identified that wind with good to excellent speeds is available in many parts of the country, establishing a total potential of about 340,000 MW. The Gharo – Keti Bandar Wind corridor, in the South of Pakistan, having an approximate potential of 50,000 MW in the most attractive to investors at this point due to good resource potential as well as its close proximity to major load centres and the National Grid.

Pakistan Wind Power Density (W/m2) at 50-m Above Ground Level

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