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Why Renewable Energies

Renewable Energy and the related technologies have become the need of time. The reason is that human kind has realized that the time has come to replace the use of traditional fuels and energy sources. Therefore human beings are focusing now on use of unconventional and reliable energy sources other than oil and gas. Human race is determined to look for alternative ways of producing electricity and heating homes in an environment friendly way. There are many reasons why we should switch to alternative or renewable energy sources but some of them are as follows.

Global Warming

Traditional energy sources like oil and coal release many dreadful gases in the air. Moreover the industrial processes which rely heavily on the conventional energy resources like coal,  oil and gas not only release harmful gases in the air but also lot of industrial waste. This industrial waste is in the form of acids and other dangerous fluids. The emission of harmful gases in the air throughout the world has put extreme negative influence on climate. The climate is changing rapidly and there is more pollution. This pollution in turn has resulted in warming our planet earth. The process of global warming is largely due to the use of non renewable energies and the related processes. Hence the scientist realized that human beings need for some new and environment friendly energy sources.

Scarcity of Energy Sources

Till the end of the nineteenth century we have been relying heavily on the three basic energy sources like oil, gas and coal. However now the rising trend of prices and scarcity of these resources have forced us to identify and use some non renewable energy sources. Nonrenewable resources are those which tend or expire with the passage of time. Hence they need to be replaced with some very reliable and inexhaustible energy resource. The decline in the production of oil and coal has immensely increased the prices of these resources. Therefore the import of foreign oil also put pressure on economy. Hence it is time to utilize the natural free resources present in the environment like sunlight,  wind and tidal power.

Other Reasons

Renewable energies can be used again and again without depletion. Moreover these resources are free. Nonrenewable energy resources are not the property of any individual or state. They are free and they are abundant. The use of nonrenewable energy source like sunlight is not only limited to the production of electricity. These beneficial resources can also be used to conserve energy and electricity. For example cooking in solar heat,  drying clothes and using passive solar heating procedures for designing homes. Designing the architecture of your home in such a way as to use sunlight in day beside traditional lights can help reduce electricity bills. Also small industrial units should deploy windmills for running small machinery. Wind mills help to transform the kinetic energy of the wind into mechanical energy,  this mechanical energy can be used for replacing manual industrial operations. In this way a safe and healthy energy source can be used without much effort. Renewable energies have more sources than nonrenewable energies like solar power, wind power, hydroelectricity,  geothermal energy,  wave energy and tidal power. All these energy sources are sufficient to provide enough energy to us throughout the century without incurring much cost. The development in the field of renewable energy sources would make the associated technology much more convenient and inexpensive. Therefore it would be easy for the domestic user to switch to it as well. The solar panels have already either partially or fully replaced the conventional electricity procedures.

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