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Why is United States losing clean energy race?

null United States is currently finding it extremely hard to compete with China at global clean energy market. The fast-growing China’s economy moves fast forward and doesn’t look back and renewable energy sector is no exception there, especially renewable energy manufacturing sector where Chinese have now been a dominant force for almost a decade. China is currently the world’s largest wind turbine and solar panel manufacturer and has more than one million renewable energy jobs. Not only that, China has recently also become world’s largest wind power producer and is also looking at ways to become global offshore wind energy leader. The United States cannot win clean energy race without the federal renewable energy standard but U.S. Congress doesn’t look ready to discuss this very important issue because of the recent economic woes. The Congress doesn’t realize that the federal renewable energy standard would attract large new investments and that this would in the end result in hundreds of thousands new green jobs. New jobs and new markets are most certainly just the thing U.S. economy needs to start the road of recovery. The only really positive news has been the U.S. solar energy sector. Solar energy industry is currently the fastest growing industry in United States, achieving record growths year after year. With the adequate policy the same can be done with other renewable energy sectors. One thing is sure, United States won’t be able to win clean energy race by just sitting behind and waiting for better times. U.S. needs to act quickly or else China’s lead will be impossible to catch. The gap is already big and if United States continues this lethargic energy policy China will make sure to run away with the clear victory.

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