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Sustainable Vs Renewable Energy

It is generally consider that both are the same. These are two names for one concept. But this is wrong perception by the common folk. It is supposed that present sources of energy are continuously decreasing so there should be an alternate solution.

There is also another perception that present energy sources are less safeguard for environment. This concept results into renewable energy sources. Some of the examples of renewable energy are tidal,  wave,  geothermal and wind energies. As oil and gas are present at large scale and sustainable energy sources they are emitting carbon dioxide. This carbon dioxide is polluting the environment. In polluted environment energy consumed double as compared to clean environment. All the renewable energy resources are considered clean and safe technologies for energy consumption.

Fundamental Difference Between Sustainable & Renewable Energy

Coal,  oil and gas all are fossil fuels and are sustainable but they are not renewable. All renewable energy sources are sustainable. In fact they are designed for the abundance and sustenance features.

Energy Level

Fossil fuels for example coal,  oil and gas are the sources of energy which give one part of energy while rest of the two parts are waste. This waste is in the form of carbon dioxide which is harmful gas for our environment.

All the renewable energy sources are considered free from harmful effects.

Nuclear Energy Nuclear energy is sustainable. Nuclear energy is not renewable source.

Pollution Factor

Some of the sustainable sources like coal, gas and oil when consume energy they also emit carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. In short,  they make environment pollutant. Renewable energy sources do not produce carbon dioxide. There pollution factor is nearly zero.

Energy Conservation

The term sustainable energy is introduced for the sake of conservation of energy reservoir in the long run. It is considered that coal and oil would become scarce in the near future. This supposition originates the concept of energy conservation. Nuclear energy is a sustainable energy and a big reservoir of energy for the long term usage.

Renewable energy sources are developed with the concept of abundance and presence. It is considered that present energy sources are going to be finish soon. Therefore some sort of energy reservoir should be there for the future consideration.

Natural Existence

Mostly sustainable energy sources are natural like fossil fuels. For example coal,  oil and gas are produced naturally no human arrangements are needed. All the renewable energy sources are artificial. They exist when special arrangements are there for them.

Theory of Abundance

Theory of abundance is applied to the renewable energy as basic concept behind their origin is the availability of energy in the future. Sustainable energy source like fossil fuel is considered enough for the coming few decades.

Energy Level

Some of the sustainable energy sources are consist of one part of energy and two parts of waste. Renewable energy sources emits less than zero % waste. They are like energy tablets which has no side effects.


We are comparing two terms:

Sustainable Energy Source Renewable Energy Source

Look at last two parts both are same. It means both are the carriers of energy. Environment concern regarding global warming put forth the concept of alternative energy which results into clean and hygiene source of energy like renewable energy. This renewable energy lessens the fear of polluted environment and gives surety for the future availability of energy. Sustainable energy gives the concept of enough reservoirs for future prospects.

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