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South Korea becoming a big renewable energy exporter

Among new countries that are cashing in on exports in green and renewable energy sectors is also a South Korea which sales of so-called green industrial goods came to around US$7.5 billion in 2010. This is primarily the result of strong support from Korean Government that is doing all the necessary moves to ensure a rapid development of its renewable energy sector as renewable energy has really become the key component of the country’s green and sustainable growth policy. The renewable energy export is not the only thing that Korea is focusing on as South Koreans are also using more renewable energy than ever before. In fact, according to the latest reports South Korea has in the last four years increased its renewable energy capacity coming from solar and wind to more than 17% and there have been over 30,000 new renewable energy jobs created within this period. South Korea also plans to become one of global offshore wind energy leaders after announcing its massive offshore wind energy project, worth around US$8 billion, which should become the largest offshore wind farm in the Yellow Sea, with a capacity of 2500 megawatts. If everything goes as expected this project will be finished by 2019. It certainly looks like the South Korea wants to become one of the major players in global clean energy race.

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