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Soft Energy

What is Soft Energy

If a man from past comes here,  he will really be surprised as it is the same planet where he lived once. We are now living in a technology saturated zone. Soft Energy Technology is the latest edition. Soft Energy Technology is more advanced more sophisticated in use. Soft Energy is comprises of five features. These five features basically define the Soft Energy Technology.

Energy is called as soft if;

It is renewable

It is in diverse form

It is essentially simple and supple

It does not compromise over quality and quantity

Soft Energy Overview

An appropriate example of soft energy is solar energy. It is recognized as soft energy because it is renewable. Living things are using solar energy as it is a major source of vitamin D. When it is renewed it is used in the form of heat and electricity so it is renewable energy as well. Another aspect of this solar energy is its freedom of use. No one can stop you if you arrange personal set up in the form of large or small solar panels. Solar energy is achieved in two forms;

Express Solar energy

In this way energy is directly used with the help of radioactivity or convection or conduction phenomenon. In this way there is no need of any mechanical device for its conversion.

Circuitous Solar Energy

For this method you have to put solar panels which are directly attached to the driver like generator to produce electricity or to the machines dependent on solar energy.

Important Aspect of Soft Energy

An important aspect of Soft energy is it freedom of use. All the soft energies are not only beneficial but also open to all. A person with sufficient investment can set up his own Soft Energy Point to get benefit from it either using it directly or by mechanical set up. It is not the property of any community,  group,  and country. This freedom of use makes the soft energy more popular and non-political source of energy.

Advantages of Soft Energy

Soft Energy according to its feature is very advantageous for all not nationally but internationally as well.
  • It is an easy to use source so anyone can use it which indirectly helps in developing equal races.
  • It helps to divert the load of prime energy users to supple and sophisticated soft energy source.
  • Raise the economy level of average citizens.
  • Energy is very important factor in daily life so soft energy is there to save the people from compromise on their basic need.
  • Developed countries can raise their economy by consuming soft energy sources. This would secure and enhance their monetary level.
  • Soft energy sources cannot be monopolized by any sector,  group or region.
  • Soft energy sources are pollution free so are welcomed heartily.
  • It compensates the other sustainable and non-sustainable energy sources in the long run.
  • All the soft energies are energy efficient.
  • It gives satisfaction and relaxation as are free from tax,  excise duty or other Government obstacles so are non-political source and socially compatible.

The concept of soft energy is relatively new and most of the people are not aware from its unlimited benefits. It is presumed that in the future all the energy consumption will divert to soft energy sources. The reason behind this assumption is its non-pollutant feature. Global warming has been reached its alarming stage. There is need to aware the people and forcefully direct them to the use of soft energy to save the earth from destruction.

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