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Pakistan to have solar photovoltaic power plant

Pakistan’s first Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Power Plant is being planned by the Wah Industries on its own premises, in a village called Sanjwal, some 100 kms west ofIslamabad. According to estimates, the sun radiates more energy in one hour than is the energy consumed by the whole world in one full year. It is often acknowledged that solar energy is the future. Experts say that sometime in 2020-25, solar electricity may be competing with conventional electricity in terms of cost and prices. One USD per watt or even lower prices is the target of Western governments and companies, which in effect is being implemented by the Chinese companies with their ever-lower prices. The National Institute of Silicon Technology (NIST) now named PCRET (Pakistan Council of Renewable Technologies) was founded more than three decades ago to learn and develop solar PV technology, particularly solar cells. The capacity of the proposed plant is 1 MW costing Rs 337 million, although of any consequence in view of the huge gap and loadshedding, it is sufficient for introductory purposes.

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