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Green Energy

Green is the color for immaturity and inexperience. The ripe the fruit,  the quicker it falls. As life is advancing every minute and maturing by attaining the saturation level it is reaching near the verge of decease. There is need to recover the early stage of earth. The environment which is messed up due to human intrusion needs to be slow down and adopting healthy ways towards life. Earth can be recovered by adopting green technology wisely. Green technology is the safeguard against environmental pollution. There are different techniques which if follows could be effective.

Our environment needs salvage from pollution. With the help of recycling process we can reduce the waste material. Reusable things are better to introduce to improve the cleanliness level. There are many factories which are busy to renew or use the waste material in different way by collecting waste in an organized body. Governments are busy to recycle the products that can be utilized in either way to secure the environment from negative impacts.

Water is the basic for green life which is the symbol of cleanliness. Impure water is a poison and causes many diseases. It is necessary to take some important steps in this regard like use the water after boiling it. Try to use less amount of water as possible. The more you use water the more it goes away like waste. There was a time when surveys said that water level is 70 % as compared to land but now it is decreasing fast and goes away like waste. It is very necessary to be caution from the coming threat of water loss. Water is the basic ingredient of green technology without water there is nothing fresh.

Planting more and more greenery is the demand of present environment. They absorb carbon dioxide from surrounding and release oxygen which helps us to breath. If air becomes saturated with carbon particles it would be suffocated.

Developing proper sewage system is the need of an hour. This waste water should be directed towards the places where it can be used like fields. This will protect the environment indirectly.

When there was no technology concept on earth human beings utilize the natural resources. To make fire,  food and energy produced from wood,  water and sun. These are still an effective source of healthy living. There is just need to focus green technology build up in these fields so that less waste material produce.

Where the technology development harms the natural environment there are some important development like forecast the weather. To know about the weather beforehand helps us to make proper arrangement for the coming changes in weather.

Another important step towards green technology is to take energy from the sustainable source like sun to make the surrounding green.

All these things are a step ahead towards green technology to save the environment. Adopting the green technology we are intending to make the earth green free from any danger. The otherwise destroying environment is put again in the reverse gear to attain the sustainable quality of green technology. Green technology is an innovative form of energy which helps to reduce the use of fossil fuel. In the future it is expected that energy production from green technology will be higher than fossil fuel sources of energy like oil, and gas.

All the things should be environment friendly and promote new dimensions. Green technology gives the concept of cleanliness and freshness. It is advised to build your home in the heart of greenery. If we develop specific strategy for utilizing green technology concept to reduce the GHG (Greenhouse effect) we would be able to get sustainable environment.

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