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German government a stakeholder in 160 MW CSP power plant

The German government will invest EUR 15 million through its environment ministry in Morocco’s first solar thermal power plant. The 160 MW parabolic trough plant will be equipped with thermal storage, enabling it to keep producing power for three hours without sunlight. This capability will enable the plant to continue production into the evening hours to cover the increased demand at night. Construction of the plant will begin next year and will only take a year. This is an impressive period, considering that building just 50 MW of thermal storage in Spain takes two to three years. The power plant will be located near the city of Ourazazate close to the Moroccan desert region. The country plans to build solar power plants with a total capacity of 2000 MW by 2020. Morocco’s goal is to increase its share of renewable energy in its power supply to 28 per cent by 2020. In addition to solar, wind energy will play an important role.

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