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Pakistan is situated between latitude 24 and 37 degree North and Longitude 62 and 75 degrees East. The country borders India in the east, Iran on the west, China in the north, Afghanistan in the northwest and the Arabian Sea in the south. A country map is shown in Fig. 1. The total area of Pakistan is 8,03,950 km2, which includes Federally Administrated tribal and Northern Areas (FATA and FANA). The country is divided into four provinces namely, Northern West Frontier Province (NWFP), Punjab, Sindh and Balouchistan. The great mountain ranges of the Himalayas, the karakorams and the Hindu Kush form Pakistan northern highland of NWFP and Northern areas. Punjab province is a flat, mostly an alluvial plain, with five major rivers dominating the upper region eventually the Indus Rivers flowing south to the Arabian Sea. Sindh is bounded on the east by the Thar Desert and the Rann of Kutch and on the west by the Kirthar range, while the Balouchistan Plateau is predominantly an arid tableland encircled by dry mountains. Pakistan coastline is about 1046 km long extending from Indian border in the east to the Iranian border in the west.

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